Audio Engineering

In 2015 I acquired a certificate at Citrus College for Recording Technology. Now, with a clear understanding of audio engineering, I am able to get artists the sound they’re looking for in their recordings. At only $25 an hour, I can get you a professional quality mix that will entice the listener rather than repel them.

Audio Production

Whether sampled or original, I plan on giving you the inspiration in form of an instrumental that will motivate you to create a classic. I have a number of pre-made beats I can send, or I can make a customized beat to your liking. Beats are $50 to lease and I will never let anyone else lease the same beat. Make sure to check the site regularly for FREE beats.


Through out the years I’ve done ghostwriting for rappers and also have written for singers. I’m very interested in writing with singers with no upfront charges. If you’re a rapper needing a ghostwriter, hit me up privately for prices. Here are some songs I’ve written.


I typically collab for free BUT I must warn you, I am extremely busy so if it’s a free collab it may fall behind paid opportunities, life, etc. I try my hardest to get things done ASAP, but things do happen.


Armed with a Canon 5D Mark III and a GH2, I can get you professional looking photos and videography. I can also hire graphic designers and video editors depending on your needs.

Studio Time

I currently run this at my home, so I only offer studio time to people I closely work with. If I find you’re an amazing talent, or I just want to work with you, I can allow you time in my studio which includes a Neumann u87AI, Neve Portico II, BLA White Sparrow, Digi 002 Console, Sceptre S8 monitors, etc. Please send music for consideration.

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