Ghram Bothynah - Galal Moustafa

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Ghram Bothynah - Galal Moustafa
Galal Moustafa - Ghram Bothynah  artwork

Ghram Bothynah

Galal Moustafa

Genre: Middle Eastern

Price: $10.99

Rental Price: $3.99

Release Date: October 18, 2017

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Bouthyna is a Bedouin girl, she falls in love with Mohsen, who comes from a rich family and decides to marry her, however his mother objects. Mohsen falls sick and Bouthyna’s cousin, Ageib, seizes the opportunity and places a chemical complex in Mohsen’s medicine which makes him even sicker. The Bedouin tribe is forced to leave Mohsen’s land; meanwhile Ageib meets Bouthyna and confesses that he is the one who placed the poison in Mohsen’s medicine. Bouthyna escapes from her tribe and goes to see Mohsen after he recovers, but he sends her away as he believes that she is the one who placed the poison in his medicine, however, he learns the truth about his sickness, kills Ageib and returns Bouthyna once again to his home.

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