No Shortcuts

There aren’t shortcuts for people like me..
Dreamers, with childlike innocence in a man’s world.
Lacking strategy
But overwhelming with optimism in a world,
That seems less and less like the world we believed in,
Guided only by passion, intuition and emotion,
Hoping that one day our voice is heard.
Our words are felt.
For these words hold enough color,
To blanket the unappreciated
Humble the outspoken,
And ignite the genius,
I picture the world, as I picture the world..
And I refuse to let it be painted without my own bit of flair,
The world needs it..


I haven’t wrote in a while so excuse the sporadicity. Lately, I’ve been trying to apply more selling techniques to promoting/pushing my music. If you really think about it, the artist’s job is to sell himself. I never really put two and two together, for whatever reason. One of the concepts that spoke most for me is the technique of “assuming the sale”. Simply put, this technique is about assuming the costumer wants/needs your product and WILL buy it. This builds confidence, allowing the salesperson to approach the sale with a more positive outlook. I’ve always been pretty lethargic with the promotion of my music. It’s quite difficult to approach people when EVERYBODY raps. I had that in my mind EVERY TIME I pushed my music. So instead of being enthusiastic, and assuming the person NEEDS my art, I negatively assumed the individual gets hit up about music more times than they could count and wouldn’t pay my little music any mind.

Assuming the sale forced me to think about what I have to offer. I have a unique voice, a unique vantage point that I’m sure millions can relate to.  All in all, I’m disgusted with the lack of love, care, empathy, kindness, understanding etc. expressed on social media. I’m no perfect man but I am constantly trying to better myself and grow. I encourage everybody around me to do the same. I bring that out of my small circle of friends on a daily basis.

By knowing this about myself, it would be a disservice to the world to keep it under wraps. It would be selfish to not allow the masses to be motivated, inspired or moved by my work. I must put myself out there, because my community needs it.

With that being said, I hope I can inspire struggling artists to find their own voice to add to the discussion. What do you strongly believe in? What do you feel needs to be heard? Imagine yourself in rain, sleet or snow, alone with a picket sign. What would it say? What cause would rile you up enough to stick with, even when the majority of people think you’re crazy? Figure that out and give it to us, every single day until all of us are awoken by your message. Realize how much your point of view matters in the world.