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Juice WRLD - Lucid Dreams PARODY - Fortnite Dreams

Juice WRLD - Lucid Dreams PARODY - Fortnite Dreams

Uploader: Eian Beron

Size: 5.88 MB

Duration: 4:17

Date: September 05, 2018

Juice WRLD - Lucid Dreams PARODY, Fortnite Dreams! Official Lucid Dreams Fortnite Parody song.
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The music in this video was produced by Benly and Georgie Beats:

This video was produced by my digital media distribution company, Cursor Media. Get in touch -

In this Juice WRLD - Lucid Dreams Parody, Fortnite Dreams, a Fortnite parody song, we follow the classic tale of a young child who just wants to play Fortnite instead of doing his homework. As a kid I always had to show my parents my homework before I could play video games, go on the computer, etc… I hope you all can find something you can laugh at or relate to in this music video.

I wrote and recorded this song in video in 2 days. I paid for everything out of my own pocket. I work very hard to be able to do these things. I hope you can enjoy and share our work.

Created by and Starring Eian Beron

Shot and Edited by Nicholas Shoemaker

Music Production by Ben “Benly” Stanley
Recorded at Suite 16 Recording Studio with @MixedByVictor
Starring Tyler Janssen as Chuckie Finster
Robbie Middleton as “Dad”
Ensemble: Zach West, Ben Stanley, Lexi Michaud
Captioning by Stone Congo
Chroma Key and Smoke effects by Eian Beron

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Eian Beron - #Fortnite Dreams (Official Music Video), a parody of Lucid Dreams by Juice WRLD as seen on Lyrical Lemonade. #LucidDreams #LucidDreamsParody #FortniteRap #JuiceWRLD #FortniteParody

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