Consistency is Key: How My Brain Stops Me From Being Drake

Is there an app for blocking how many likes, shares, retweets, listeners, fans, plays I get?

Damn, I remember those days when these statistics were non-factors to my creativity. Those days when I was enthralled by the underground scene from labels such as Def Jux, Rawkus Records and Eastern Conference Records. Those same days where I shunned the bigger names such as Guh-guh-guh-Guh-guh-G-UNIT and whatever else was mainstream. Now look at me.

The transition makes sense, sort of. I grew up to have my own opinions. Not only that, times have changed dramatically. “Underground” today ranges from the Fathers to the Lil JoJos to the Nick Grants. Many of these rappers have amassed millions of plays with little to no terrestrial radio play.

This is what I’m up against.

At times I feel stuck.

I know where I want to be but I have no clue how to get there. Here is where I apologize. At times I’m inconsistent. Very inconsistent actually. It’s not like I’m not working my ass off everyday trying to figure this shit out (along with figuring life out smh). The issue is, it’s very hard to keep at something that isn’t working. At times I overthink. Why do I have to drop numerous “jabs” to get attention when guys can blow up off one single song?


Wondering why instead of following a consistent plan is my downfall. Yes, I’m pretty sure it’s a big deal for entrepreneurs to know why their product isn’t selling. In my case, I already know why. I’m no cool guy. I’m not a special talent that will blow you away when I get behind an instrument. I have no real music connections. I’m just a regular, borderline nerd who spends most of his time reading and figuring out compression ratios.

I have to work that much harder. There is secret Illuminati force out to keep me from achieving my dreams. Me and this big ol’ brain of mine is what is keeping me from achieving my dreams.

Again, I might be ranting, but I feel like a lot of us are stopping ourselves by thinking too damn much. Maybe we all need to just go out and “do”. Try our hardest for a good year, then ask why. But to let “Why” cripple you when you’re just getting your feet wet is damning.

Here’s a quote from Josh Peck that sums up what I’m tryna sayyyy

“Be in the efforts business, not the results business. It’s hard to know exactly how things are going to turn out when you put something into the ether. You hope people like it, have some kind of positive reaction to it, maybe want to share it with their friends. And that reaction can be immediate, or it can come over time. You just never know. So the point, really, is to take that first step. Put something out there. Put yourself out there.”