“My life is like a jigsaw dullin’ in time, and as I’m thumbin’ through this jigsaw puzzle of mine.”

Malcolm Smalls. AKA Chop. I AM, another one of these starving artists set to annoy you into appreciating the art I slave over laboriously. My goal for this site is to be a daily reminder to stay human. I hurt, I laugh, I cry, I fear, I anger. Since my humble beginnings in Chesapeake, VA, I’ve always sought to suppress many of these emotions. Even smiling was soft. I’ve grown into my own skin and realized how destructive this mentality was to myself. I don’t want to be numb.

My objective is to heal. Heal my soul from all the injury I’ve caused by trying to be someone I wasn’t. Hopefully, the readers and listeners of my site will also find my content motivating enough to begin liberating themselves. I obviously care deeply about music and making a career out of it. What’s also important to me is inner peace. This is an account of my own personal journey to both my freedom and my dream.

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I’m a producer, rapper, songwriter and recording artist based out of Los Angeles, California. I am originally from Virginia but moved to SoCal to pursue a degree in recording technology and also to follow my dream of being in the music industry. So far I’ve completed my schooling at Citrus College and have lent my production and recording expertise to various local artists. As a man who always “thinks big”, I believe I have exactly what it takes to be a driving force in the music industry.

Currently, I do everything on my own. From graphic design, to photography, to everything musically. This is a blessing but I feel it also has hindered me from making connections. With that being said, I am open to work with others. I just refuse to let anyone slow me down or stand in the way of my success. My personal goal is to be the most versatile producer and songwriter in the industry.

If you’re into Myers-Briggs types, I am an INFP at its fullest.

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This might sound a bit calloused but please do not contact me just to listen to your music. I’m no A&R and I’ll most likely say it’s good because music is so subjective and my little opinion doesn’t reign supreme.. At least ask how my day is going or something first. 🙂 But for the most part I’m pretty chill and I love discovering new music.