• 09 Dec 2016

    Durkheim (Produced by Malcolm Smalls)

    “Our relationship has run its course”
    Shot to the heart.
    “You will never be…”
    Shot to the head.
    “Nobody cares.”
    Shot through the mouth.
    “I’ve heard rumors…”
    Stabbed in the back.
    And it weighs heavy.
    Heavy enough to crush legs.
    And yet,
    they have the nerve to call it self-inflicted.

  • 07 Dec 2016

    Tell Me (Produced by Malcolm Smalls)

    “Tell Me”

    Build me up.
    Break me down..
    Inspire me
    Motivate me..
    Then make me a slave for you.
    Each day I wonder what more I can give,
    How strenuously I must work,
    To attain something so superficial.
    My eyes water, I feel unimportant.
    Another nobody, pained, but never heard.
    What is beauty?
    A face of perfection, blemish-free, printed across a magazine, for all of our eyes to see?
    Awaiting our comments, our … Continue reading